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Exercising & Yoga

Preventive back strengthening exercises

Strengthening, stretching and relaxing exercises for the back to prevent muscular tension, alleviate back pain and to improve posture.


Pilates is a holistic body workout, in which mainly the deep abdominal muscles and the stabilizing muscles  around the spine are addressed. The main goal of Pilates is to build a strong body center to strengthen the body awareness and to improve posture.


Stretching exercises are carried out for the entire musculature of the body, rounded with a mental relaxation session. An optimal training for the promotion and preservation of mobility and to improve posture and wellbeing.


Stretching and movement exercises, combined with a special breathing technique for a holistic relaxation. The mobility is increased and the muscles are strengthened.

Relaxation training

Various relaxation methods (such as progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobsen) bring body and mind into harmony.

Functional gymnastics

The aim of the exercises is to improve muscle and joint functionality in order to improve the performance and stress tolerance of the musculoskeletal system.