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Fitness Basic Check

Fitness basic check – OwnZone determination

The health check for low-risk exercising. Whether as an introduction into fitness, after a long break from training or simply as personal interim results, you will learn your actual status so that you can perform your personal training safely and effectively and thus achieve your personal training goals.

The following data are collected in the basic check:

  • Clarification of the health status, analysis of risk factors (illness, injury, discomfort).
  • Blood pressure and resting heart rate, body fat measurement.
  • Fittest OwnZone: OwnZone determines the optimum range for endurance based on the heart rate variability.
  • PWC step test, a submaximal ergometer test of even more information about your optimal training pulse and your current fitness is there.
  • Muscle function test & training recommendation.
  • Fitness basic check: Duration 50 min.