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An Active & Fit programme for everyone! Body and soul both need the freedom to move, and regular fitness training keeps us healthy, attractive and young. Sport can do more than this! It generates pleasure and enhances our self-confidence. Meditation is fitness for the soul. Health training is primarily motivated towards encouraging and maintaining good health, thus involves illness prevention and health stabilisation measures, stress reduction and physical reinvigoration. The health benefits and physical well-being achieved through training are the actual goals, rather than specific performance results.


Exercise and move more in your everyday life! Build up your health, strength and inner sense of peace with our Active/Mind/Body programme: Depending on the season and weather conditions, every Monday to Saturday the following activities are available under the supervision of our certified health and fitness trainer: Nordic walking, aqua gym, qi gong, stretch and relax, and a variety of relaxation methods for the perfect start to every day of your vacation.


AQUA GYM. Aqua-gymnastics is healthy – and it’s great fun! Easy exercises under water maintain agility, enhance an inner sense of well-being and encourage vitality. Best enjoyed in the early morning – before breakfast.


QI GONG. Qi gong exercises are a gentle means of relieving blockages in various areas of the body. They stretch and strengthen the entire physique and help us to remain healthy. The combination of breathing, motion and meditation exercises rise transcends mere gymnastics.


PROGRESSIVE MUSCLE RELAXATION ACC. TO JACOBSEN. Progressive muscle relaxation is currently one of the most popular and effective relaxation methods around. Learn how to loosen muscles and achieve a pleasant state of relaxation.


STRETCH & RELAX. Well-stretched muscles increase our motion potential, enabling us to move more, more freely and with a greater radius. This benefits our personal fitness and makes everyday life so much easier.


NORDIC WALKING. Nordic walking is a very good entry sport for men and women looking to exercise more. Around 90% of the body’s muscles are actively used by Nordic walkers, since the upper body is also required when moving the sticks.

Upright posture enables tension to be relieved in the shoulders and neck. Muscles are strengthened and, as a result, the strain on the spine is reduced. Our trainers teach you the correct techniques. If required, we can also provide you with Nordic walking sticks.


HIKING IN SUMMER. Hiking tours are an ideal way of exploring the fascinating landscapes of Tyrol’s alpine environment. We offer ‘easy’ to ‘middling’ tours that take between 2½ – 4 hours. They offer chances to explore the local area and provide a variety of information and advice on life in the mountains.


SNOW SHOE TREKKING. Making peaceful progress in the deep snow provides a unique first-hand opportunity to absorb the fascination of this natural scenery. It’s a chance nobody should miss. Trekkers soon realise the benefits of this means of navigating wintery alpine terrain. Snowshoes ensure independence from the beaten paths beneath the surface and open up an intensive encounter with surrounding natural environment; places where progress with normal boots would be almost impossible. Certain fitness and stamina levels are required, but this activity can be enjoyed at any age.

Our health training is provided by a certified professional fitness coach and aims to help you avoid injury and illness, and enjoy an intelligent programme of physical activities. On top of the various standard programmes on offer, guests can also arrange individually tailored advice sessions.

The exercise room is flooded with daylight and open to the entire family. In summer, whenever the weather allows, the majority of activities and sessions are held outdoors in the freedom of our extensive garden.


Improve your fitness on our highly sophisticated ‘Technogym’ stamina, weight and resistance equipment. A basic fitness check can provide information on your current fitness levels, whether you’re just starting, returning to training after a long break or simply looking for up-to-date markers. Tips on healthy training, correct methods and how to use each device are provided by our coach.


The fitness room is fitted out with equipment from the ‘Technogym’ line. Feel free to ask our trainer how they work, what benefits they provide, and watch out for our weekly information service on how to use the devices healthily and effectively.


We have the following Technogym line devices:

  • Treadmill
  • Ergometer
  • Pulley with grips, handles and foot-clips
  • Chest press - seated
  • Leg extension device
  • Range of dumbbell pairs
  • Exercise room with smaller devices and gym mats
  • Lat pull device
  • Sit-up bench
  • Hyperextension trainer

PERSONAL TRAINING for your fitness


There are no side-effects to this application. Pulsating magnetic fields stimulate metabolic processes, contributing to sustained good health and physical recovery. When the cells are in a state of equilibrium a human will remain healthy. The magnetic field resonance system MRS 2000+ combats degenerative illnesses, rheumatism, arthrosis, circulation, heart and blood pressure problems, dizziness, asthma, bronchitis, skin complaints, neurodermitis, psoriasis, period pains, PMS sleeplessness, chronic fatigue, and positively affects wound and bone healing.

  • Mat / cushion 5 x 8 mins. €20
  • Rod (concentrated effects) 5 x 8 min. €32

This is a health check to ensure low-risk training is recommended. A basic fitness check can provide information on your current fitness levels, whether you’re just starting, returning to training after a long break or simply looking for up-to-date markers to help us compile a safe and effective training programme with realistic personal goals. (50 minutes).

  • Identification of current fitness levels, analysis of risk factors (illnesses, injuries, complaints).
  • Blood pressure, pulse-at-rest and body fat measurements.
  • Fittest OwnZone: The OwnZone is a calculation of your own optimum personal stamina range based on heartbeat frequency variability.
  • PWC step test is a sub-limit ergometer test that offers even greater clarity as regards your optimum training pulse rate and current fitness levels.
  • Muscle function test and training recommendations.
Personal Training

Training success guaranteed

Personal training is the most effective way of achieving the goals you set yourself. If you wish to maximise training efficiency to reach goals in a minimum period, personal training is exactly what you’re seeking. Our certified sports scientist supervises, motivates and advises you throughout the entire training period.


Personal training & personal Pilates training (initial training)

Personal training with an initial consultion and basic fitness check – 90 mins.

Personal Pilates training with an initial conversation and posture analysis – 90 mins.

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