Beauty & facial treatments

A maritime facial treatment, individually tuned to your skin-type. Powerful active ingredients from the depths of the oceans counteract a lack of skin moisture, dryness, over-sensitivity and the presence of impurities.

THALGO Pure Moisture Basic:

Cleaning, peeling, steaming, eyebrow shaping, deep cleansing, moisturising serum, skin nourishing cream and final care.

50 minutes: €66


THALGO Pure Moisture Pleasure:

Facial massage, basic facial treatment and additional relaxing facial massage.

80 minutes: €89


Just switch off! And a soothing facial massage is the perfect to do it. It’s a great way to put yourself in the holiday mood, or simply float away.

Includes cleansing and subsequent day cream.

25 minutes €39

Fight the signs of aging with our highly-effective anti-aging treatments! After thorough cleansing, the skin is gently exfoliated, dead flakes and impurities are removed, and the skin is given the best possible preparation for the anti-aging ingredients. Special creams and masks visibly tighten up the skin for a smoother and firmer appearance.

Collagen treatment: Counteracts the first creases and wrinkles

This care treatment smooths over and reverses the first visible signs of wrinkles with a complex based on maritime collagen. This results in a rosier, brighter, more radiant and youthful complexion.

80 minutes €99

Silicon treatment: Combats visible wrinkles and a lack of skin tension

This is our secret weapon in the fight against the signs of aging. The combination of ocean silicon, collagen and hyaluronan is effective against sagging skin, giving it a ‘lifted’ look.

80 minutes €109

Hyaluronan care treatment: Combats visible wrinkles

This anti-aging care treatment visibly fills out wrinkles with a compound of active ingredients based around oceanic hyaluronan for a firmer and younger complexion.

80 minutes €99

Would you like a bit more? This luxury facial treatment takes care of the face, neck and cleavage – but also the soft areas around the eyes, and your hands. The skin is revitalised, stimulated and moisturised. Anti-aging substances smooth over existing wrinkles, and a special eye treatment soothes puffy tissue around the eyes for a young and fresh look. The care programme is rounded off with a relaxing hand treatment involving peeling, packs and a hand massage. This absolutely delightful treatment ensures you finish looking much fresher and younger than when you started!


110 minutes €139

Put the sparkle back in your eyes! The special stimulating treatment has an immediate effect, reducing swelling and rings around the eyes, and clearly smoothing wrinkled areas. The effective complex of ingredients includes ocean collagen, hyaluronan and silicon for eyes that look healthy, bright and beautiful.


‘The blink of an eye’: A special refreshing and curative treatment für the skin around the eyes


25 minutes €36

– as part of a facial treatment €23

A great facial treatment for teens. We remove all those irritating zits, dirt and blackheads, cleaning and caring for the skin with mild and gentle products. We also provide tips on good skin care at home.


Cleaning, peeling, steam and deep cleansing, purging masks and gentle care to round off.

55 minutes €66

Just for men…

A treatment to freshen up fatigued male skin, tailored to the needs of men with especially developed products! After all, well-looked-after skin makes a better impression.


THALGO for men – Basic

Cleaning, peeling, steam, eyebrow shaping, deep cleansing, cream pack and final care.

50 minutes – Basic €66


THALGO for men – Extra service with a facial massage

Basic facial treatment for men, plus additional relaxing facial massage.

80 minutes of pleasure €89

Foot & hand treatments

40 minutes €42


Varnish €8

French varnish €17

Peeling, skin pack and hand massage


70 minutes €65


Varnish €8

French varnish €17

40 minutes €45


Varnish €8

French varnish €17

Includes the treatment of problem areas


55 minutes €55


Varnish €8

French varnish €17

Peeling, skin packs and foot massage


80 minutes €75


Varnish €8

French varnish €17

25 minutes €29


– as part of a treatment €22

Waxing of top lip or chin: €12

Waxing of top lip and chin: €19

Waxing of armpits: €19

Chest or back: €32

Lower legs to knees: €32

Full-leg waxing: €59

Eyebrow shaping: €12

Eyebrow colouring: €14

Eyelash colouring: €23

Colouring and shaping eyelashes and eyebrows: €33

Packs & peelings

Alpine herbal peeling

Relax and enjoy a gentle full-body peeling treatment with herbs such as sage, rose and rosemary for silky, smooth and soft skin.

25 minutes €35


Natural mud pack

Mud packs are organic peloids used for patients suffering from worn joints, post-op care of knee breaks, sprains and bruising. Mud packs stimulate blood circulation, metabolism and relaxes muscles.

25 minutes – full-body €35


Evening primrose oil cream wrap

This natural cream wrap is a medical skin care highlight. Extremely effective ingredients help to combat dry skin, allergies, skin irritation, neurodermitis and psoriasis.

25 minutes €35


Original alpine hay bath

The hay from this region of the Alps offers a natural blend of herbs and can be tolerated by allergy sufferers. It relaxes cramps, soothes pain, detoxifies, stimulates the metabolism and is particularly suitable for reducing stress.

25 minutes €40

The power of nature

Feel reborn, relaxed and recharged. This treatment involves the intensive and long-lasting infusion of a sophisticated composition of natural PINO oils – jojoba, coconut and soya – for enhanced skin moisture. A special selection of extracts, essential oils and other natural ingredients guarantees each blend is a unique product with magical powers that stimulate, relax, relieve stress and detoxify within the body.


Body pack rounded off with an aroma wellness massage.

50 minutes €69

Sea salt peeling & connective tissue massage

This highly-effective treatment for cellulite and areas of fat build-up tightens skin tissue and stimulates local metabolic activity. Sea salt aids detoxification and cleansing. A connective tissue massage involves working carefully from the outside inwards via a neural reflex arc. The circulation of blood is also stimulated which, in turn, ensures enhanced blood flow to the cell structure. The treatment is also excellent for ‘heavy legs’.

80 minutes €89

Classic massages

This massage manipulates the epidermis and tissue beneath to enhance circulation, strengthen blood vessels and inner organs.


25 minutes – Partial €33

50 minutes – Full-body €59

This ideally complements regular strength and stamina training, particularly for amateur athletes. A sport massage focused on trigger points shortens the period needed for recovery after training and relieves lactic acid build-up in muscles. The beneficial effects of sports therapy also include the sensations of relaxation and wellbeing they encourage.


50 minutes €65

Reflex zone massages are based on the assumption that particular parts of the body, in this case of the feet, are connected to certain bodily organs via nerve conduits. Massaging particular areas of the foot can relieve and reduce problems with the respective organs. Painful areas on the feet indicate blockages in the related parts of the body.


25 minutes €35

50 minutes €59

Lymph drainage involves stimulating certain lymphatic vessels to encourage the release of excess tissue fluids and toxins. This reduces the risk of swollen tissue and stimulates the blood circulation. Lymph drainage is particularly beneficial in combatting lymph oedemas, swelling, neuropathic conditions, rheumatism and migraine.


50 minutes – Partial only €63

The face and head massage encourages relaxation and improves the local circulation of blood. Head massages aim to stimulate specific spots and areas of the scalp.


25 minutes €33

Treat yourself to a period of peace, quiet and a profound sense of relaxation with one of our standard massages, or one precisely tailored to your needs. As with all of our massages, we’ve included 5 minutes of post-treatment rest!

Massage package ‘Small’

3 partial body massages during your stay, each 25 minutes – recommended for stays of 5 – 6 nights.

Special discount 3 x 25 minutes €89 (€99)


Massage package ‘Large’

3 full-body massages during your stay, each 50 minutes – recommended for stays of 5 – 6 nights.

Special discount 3 x 50 minutes €159 (€177)


Alpenwelt ‘Healthy back’

This begins with a mud pack in the soft pack bath, followed by a back massage to loosen up tense shoulder and back muscles.

50 minutes €63


Special intensive package for treating the back:

3 x ‘healthy back’ – includes a mud pack followed by a back massage. On top of the ‘Home wellness programme’ there is also a free Tyrolean stone oil skin tonic as a gift.

3 x 50 minutes €188

Relaxation massages

Profound relaxation for the body and soul

A pine oil massage generates a wonderfully pleasant and intensively warm sensation, stimulates blood circulation and relieves muscle tension. Moreover, the combination of a special heat pack and an intensive massage is both physically and mentally beneficial. The aromatic fragrance of the pinewood wrap is stimulating, and encourages deep-seated relaxation.


50 minutes €72

Harmony for body and soul, and a boost for the immune system is generated by a combination of hot and cold stones.

The ritual consists of a deeply relaxing massage, the beneficial properties of warm basalt stones in combination with essential oils. The pleasant warmth helps to open the energy centres – or chakras. Spirit and soul are freed of negative influences and the entire organism is revitalised and re-energised.


50 minutes €72

The combination of gently-flowing massage techniques and a tailored choice of massage oils helps to relieve mental and physical blockages, and muscle tension. Enjoy stimulating, balancing and calming fragrances, skin-firming, anti-aging and hypo-allergenic fragrances.


50 minutes €68

Carefully selected natural oils ensure this massage is an experience for all the senses. Pure natural oils offer detoxifying, anti-aging and regenerative substances and properties.


50 minutes €68

Various herbs are wrapped in linen towels and dipped in warm water for a massage providing moisture and pleasant warmth. The added oils and salts boost the relaxing and detoxifying effects, and also aid objective and subjective regenerative processes.


50 minutes – Full-body €68

Ear candling is a curative and relaxing Indian medical method. The pleasant vacuum it generates cleans the ear gently from within and stimulates a whole range of metabolic processes in the head.


50 minutes including a head & neck massage €68

Individual Alpenwelt treatment ‘Time for me’

You’re in the best possible hands with our team! Benefit from a pre-treatment conversation, solid training, a wealth of experience, attention to detail and an acute sense of what’s best for each guest. We offer an almost unlimited combination of massages and treatments, each consciously compiled with the right foci, serving specific requirements – and rounded off harmoniously with the best-suited oils.


50 minutes €72

80 minutes €98


Alpenwelt special back treatment

A massage mix combining foot reflex zone therapy, conventional massage techniques, acupressure and hot stones. Therapists employ various techniques according to individual requirements.


50 minutes €72

Beauty treatments for him & her

  • 1 THALGO pure moisture, a basic facial treatment – according to skin type, 50 mins.
  • 1 hot stone massage, 50 mins.
  • 1 alpine herbal peeling, 25 mins.
  • 1 Alpenwelt Natural Spa Therapy: Full-body pack and massage, 50 mins.
  • 1 pine oil massage, 50 mins.
  • Before/after the programme: 1 alpine herbal tea of your choice


Special discount price €283


A good deed indeed!

  • 1 THALGO pure moisture, a basic facial treatment – according to skin type, 50 mins.
  • 1 quick pedicure with varnish
  • 1 manicure without varnish
  • 1 Evening primrose oil cream wrap, 25 mins.
  • 1 herbal stamp massage for the back, 25 mins.


Special discount price €211

  • 1 detox cream pack, 25 mins.
  • 1 sea salt peeling and connective tissue massage, 80 mins.
  • 1 ear candling treatment with a head and neck massage, 50 mins.

Special discount price €173


Classic and twice as good!

  • 1 THALGO for men – basic facial treatment, 50 mins.
  • 1 quick pedicure, 40 mins.
  • 1 Alpenwelt special back treatment, 50 mins.


Special discount price €165

Personal training is the best way to achieve the targets you set for yourself. To achieve the greatest degree of effectiveness in training, PT is the ideal solution. Our well-trained health coach supervises, motivates and advises you during the entire training programme on the road to personal success.

  • 1 first training with a basic check, 90 mins. with our health trainer
  • 3 follow-up training units - each 50 mins.
  • 1 sport massage, 50 mins.
  • 1 Alpenwelt special back treatment, 50 mins.


Special discount price €356

Alpi's Kids Spa: for our little guests

THALGO facial treatment ‘for kids’

A cleansing facial treatment using particularly gentle products to give children light and healthy skin!

40 minutes €44


Handsome hands

Gentle and thorough care for your hands.

25 minutes €32


Foot care

Young and happy feet! Feelgood foot care with a relaxing foot massage.

25 minutes €32


Alpi’s Spa services and treatments can be booked between 9am – 2pm. For additional helpful information, please check our spa rules.

Teenie massage

‘Try something special!’ Enjoy the oil of your favourite massage candle as the rear surfaces of the body are loosened up with gentle massaging. Afterwards, you’re welcome to take the rest of the massage candle with you.

25 minutes €33


Alpi’s try-out massage

You choose whether to have your hands or your feet massaged.

15 minutes €20


  • 1 teen relaxation massage, 25 mins.
  • 1 THALGO young beauty facial treatment, 50 mins.
  • 1 French varnish and filing for the hands, 35 mins.

Special discount price €114

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