Well-being treatments

Beauty: Facials

Marine facial treatment individually tailored to your skin type. Powerful active ingredients from the depths of the oceans help with: Lack of moisture, dryness, sensitivity or impurities. For supple, soft and radiantly beautiful skin.

THALGO Pure moisture basic:
Cleansing, exfoliation, steam, eyebrow shaping, deep cleansing, moisturising serum, cream pack and finishing treatment.
50 minutes of pampering € 72

THALGO Pure moisture to enjoy, incl. facial massage:

Basic facial treatment plus additional relaxing facial massage.
80 minutes of pampering to enjoy € 97

Simply switch off! This works wonderfully with a soothing facial massage. Perfect to get you in the mood for your holiday or simply relax in between.

Including cleansing and ending with a day cream
25 minutes of pampering € 45

Take on the fight of the signs of aging with our effective ant-aging treatments. After a thorough cleansing, the skin is gently exfoliated, dead skin cells and impurities are removed, and your skin is optimally prepared for the ant-aging active ingredients. Special masks visibly plump up the skin for a smoother and firmer complexion.

Collagen Treatment: against first lines & wrinkles
Collagen treatment: against first wrinkles & fine lines. Based on an active ingredient of marine collagen, this care treatment helps to smooth out first wrinkles and prevent visible wrinkles. The result is a rosy, youthful complexion with more luminosity and radiance.
80 minutes of pampering € 107

Silicon treatment
: against visible wrinkles & sagging skin. Your secret against the signs of time! A combination of marine silicon, collagen and hyaluron effectively fight skin sagging and make your skin appear lifted.
80 minutes of pampering € 118

Hyaluron care treatment: Against visible wrinkles

This anti-aging treatment visually plumps up visible wrinkles with an active ingredient of marine hyaluron and gives you a firmer, youthful complexion!
80 minutes of pampering € 107

Would you like a little more? During this luxury facial treatment, in addition to the face, neck and décolleté, we also take special care of the delicate eye area and the hands! The skin is revitalised, activated and moisturised. Anti-aging ingredients smooth out existing wrinkles, a special eye treatment has a decongestant effect and ensures a young, fresh look! A relaxing hand care with peeling, pack and hand massage rounds off the pampering programme. The result is not only absolute relaxation but also a fresh radiance and a clearly rejuvenated appearance!

110 minutes of pampering € 147

Bring a sparkle to your eyes! In this stimulating special treatment with immediate effect, puffiness and dark circles are reduced and wrinkles visibly smoothed. Marine collagen is the active ingredient, hyaluron and silicon ensure a completely refreshed and radiantly beautiful eye area.

“Augenblicke” special treatment for an enhanced and radiant eye area.

25 minutes of pampering € 40

- during a facial € 26

The optimal facial for teenagers between 12 and 18 years old. We take care of annoying impurities and blackheads and gently care for the skin with gentle products. We also provide tips for a proper skin care at home.

Cleansing, peeling, steam and deep cleansing, clearing masks with a light finishing with light finishing care.
55 minutes of pampering € 72

Men’s business…
Fresh treatment for tired men’s skin, individually tailored with products especially for men! Because well groomed skin simply looks better …

THALGO for men – Basic
Cleansing, peeling, steam, eyebrow shaping, deep cleansing, cream pack and final care.
50 minutes of pampering basic € 72

THALGO for men – to enjoy, incl. facial massage

Basic facial treatment for men plus additional relaxing facial massage.
80 minutes of pampering € 97

Beauty from head to toe: Hand and foot care

40 minutes of pampering € 46

Nail polish € 8
French manicure € 17

with peeling, wrap and hand massage

70 minutes of pampering € 75

Nail polish € 8
French manicure € 17

40 minutes of pampering € 50

Nail polish € 8
French manicure € 17

Including treatment of problem areas

55 minutes of pampering € 60

Nail polish € 8
French manicure € 17

with peeling, wrap and foot massage

80 minutes of pampering € 83

Nail polish € 8
French manicure € 17

25 minutes of pampering € 30

– during a treatment € 25

Upper lip or chin: € 13

Upper lip and chin: € 20

Armpit: € 20

Breast or back: € 35

Lower leg: € 35

Whole leg: € 60

Eyebrow forming: € 13

Eyebrow colouring: € 15

Eyelash colouring: € 25

Lashes, eyebrows colouring and forming: € 35

Herbal bath, peeling, care 25 min. € 39,-


Herbal bath, peeling, pack, care

25 Min. € 39,-


Fine care & pure relaxation: packs & peelings

Alpine herbal peeling
Relax with a gentle full body scrub with herbs such as sage, rose and rosemary. Your skin is left feeling silky, soft and smooth.
25 minutes of pampering € 40

Natural Moor wrap

Moor – an organic peloid, is used for joint wear and tear, in the after – treatment of bone fractures, sprains and bruise. A mud pack stimulates blood circulation and metabolism and relaxes the muscles.
25 minutes of pampering – whole body € 40

Evening primrose oil – cream wrap

Originating from the area of medicinal skin care, this natural cream wrap is a real highlight. Highly effective ingredients help with dry skin, allergies, skin irritations, neurodermatitis and psoriasis.
25 minutes of pampering € 40

Original Alpine hay bath
The hay in this Alpine region is a natural mix of herbs and is suitable for allergies. It relieves cramps, pain, is detoxifying and metabolism-stimulating effect and is particularly good for stress relief.
25 minutes of pampering € 45

… The strength of nature
Feel revived, relaxed and invigorated. The treatment with the high-quality composition of natural oils jojoba, coconut and soy from PINO, intensively moisturises the skin in a long-lasting way. Selected extracts, essential oils and natural active ingredients make the different varieties unique and develop magical powers during application: they stimulate, they calm, and they detoxify the body and provide stress relief.
50 minues of pampering € 75

Sea salt peeling & connective tissue massage
This highly effective treatment concept for cellulite and fat deposits tightens the tissue and activates the metabolism. Sea salt detoxifies and purifies. The connective tissue massage is worked from the outside to the inside via a nerve reflex arc. Furthermore, the blood circulation is stimulated, which in turn is important for a better supply of the cell structure. The treatment is also ideal for aching legs.
80 minutes of pampering € 99


Anit-cellulite special treatment
50 minutes of pampering € 99

Classic massages

During the massage, special attention is paid to the skin and the tissue underneath, so that an increase in blood circulation, a strengthening of the blood vessels and the internal organs is also achieved.

25 minutes of pampering – part body € 40
50 minutes of pampering – whole body € 69

It is the ideal complement to regular strength and endurance training, especially for recreational athletes. A sports massage with a focused massage of trigger points reduces the body’s regeneration time after a training session and prevents sore muscles. Not to forget, or course, the relaxing and soothing effect that rounds off any sports therapy.

50 minutes of pampering € 72

A reflex zone massage is based on the assumption that certain parts of the foot are connected to certain organs of the body via the nerve pathways. If you massage certain parts of the foot, you also alleviate complaints in the connected organs. Painful areas of the feet indicate a blockage in this part of the body.

25 minutes of pampering € 40
50 minutes of pampering € 69

Lymphatic drainage stimulates the lymph vessels to remove excess tissue fluid and toxins. Possible tissue swelling subsides and blood circulation is stimulated. Lymphatic drainage is therefore particularly useful for lymphedema, swelling, nervous disorders, rheumatism or migraine.

50 minutes of pampering € 72

The face and head massage helps the circulation and relaxation. During the head massage, certain points and zones of the head are massaged and stimulated.

25 minutes of pampering € 45

Treat yourself to moments of tranquillity and experience a state of deep relaxation during one of our classic, relaxing or specially tailored treatments. All massages include 5 minutes of relaxation time in the pampering minutes!

Massage package “small”
3 part body massages of 25 minutes – during your stay – recommended for a stay of 5 – 6 nights.
Special price 3 x 25 minutes € 110

Massage package “large”
3 whole body massages of 50 minutes – during your stay – recommended for a stay of 5 – 6 nights.
Special price 3 x 50 minutes € 187

Alpenwelt “healthy back”
To get you in the mood, a mud pack in the soft-pack bed followed by a back massage to relax the tense shoulder and back muscles.
€ 79,-

Intensive package for your back:
3 x healthy back (includes a mud pack followed by a back massage). In addition, you will receive a Tyrolean stone oil skin tonic as a gift for the “wellness programme at home”.
3 x 50 minutes of pampering € 210


Package services are per person. Individual services cannot be transferred.

To relax – our relaxation massage

Deep relaxation for body & mind
The Swiss stone pine oil massage provides a soothing intensive warmth and promotes blood circulation and the release of tension. In addition, the combination of special heat wrap and intensive massage supports the recovery of body and mind. The aromatic woody scent of the stone pine pack stimulates and at the same time ensures deep relaxation.

50 minutes of pampering € 79

Harmony for the body and strengthen the immune system – with warm and cold stones.
A ritual of deep relaxation massage and the effect of warm basalt stones and precious essential oils. The pleasant warmth opens the energy centres, the chakras. The mind and soul are freed from negative influences and the entire organism is recharged with new energy and vitality.

50 minutes of pampering € 79

The combination of gently flowing massage techniques with massage oils individually tailored to the person supports the release of mental and physical blockages and thus the tense muscles. There are activating, balancing and calming fragrances, as well as skin-firming, anti-aging or hypoallergenic fragrances.

50 minutes of pampering € 79

The carefully selected natural oils turn the massage into an experience that touches your senses. The natural oils contain extracts with the active ingredients detox, anti-aging or intensive care.

50 minutes of pampering € 79

Herbs wrapped in linen cloths act as moist and warm stamps during this massage. The added oils and salts lead to relaxation and purification and help the regeneration of body and mind.

50 minutes of pampering – whole body € 79

Ear candling is an Indian healing and method of relaxation. The pleasant effect of suction gently cleanses the ear from the inside and stimulates the entire metabolism of the head.

50 minutes of pampering incl. head and neck massages € 79

Wellness and beauty arrangements for him & her
  • 1 THALGO pure moisture, basic facial to suite your skin type, 50 min.
  • 1 hot stone massage 50 min.
  • 1 alpine herb peeling 25 min.
  • 1 Alpenwelt Natural Spa therapy: whole body and massage, 50 Min.
  • 1 pine oil massage 50 min.
  • 1 alpine herbal tea of your choice, before or after the treatment

Special price € 311

A real treat!

  • 1 THALGO Pure moisture, basic facial treatment, suitable for skin type, 50 min.
  • 1 pedicure quick with nail polish
  • 1 manicure without nail polish
  • 1 evening primrose oil cream pack 25 min.
  • 1 herbal stamp massage for the back 25 min.

For the special price of € 251

  • 1 detoxifying algae wrap, 25 min.
  • 1 Sea salt peeling and connective tissue massage, 80 min.
  • Anti-cellulite special treatment, 50 min.

Special price of € 223

Classic and doubly good!

  • 1 THALGO for men – basic facial treatment 50 min.
  • 1 pedicure quick, 40 min.
  • 1 Alpenwelt special back treatment, 50 min.

Special price of € 181

Our specials
Alpi’s children’s spa: for younger guests

THALGO “for kids” facial
A cleansing facial with gentle products – for a glowing child’s complexion.
40 minutes of pampering € 44

Beautiful hands
Here your hands will be pampered and softly cared for
25 minutes of pampering € 32

Neat feet
That’s what young feet require! A soothing foot treatment with a relaxing foot massage.
25 minutes of pampering € 32

Treatments in our Alpi’s spa are bookable between 9 – 2 pm. Further information can be found in our Spa etiquette.

(up to 17 years)

  • 1 teenager relaxation massage, 25 min.
  • 1 THALGO young beauty facial, 50 min.
  • 1 French manicure and filing, 35 min.

Special price of € 114

“A special experience”- with the oil of a massage candle of your choice, your back will be loosened with gentle massage strokes. You can take the rest of the massage candle with you.
25 minutes of pampering € 33

Alpi’s taster massage
With this massage you can decide whether you would prefer a hand or foot massage.
15 minutes of pampering € 20

Experience winter at close quarters on the Tyrolean plateau? Quite simply. Whether active Nordic or pure relaxation. The choice is yours!

from € 553 ,- per person

Be active on the outside and relax on the inside. Pack your bags, arrive, feel good and enjoy. For encounters in the winter season.

from € 876,- per person