Holiday offer

To let off steam in the nature. Top conditions, snowy landscapes and crystal clear air. And relax inside & do something good for his body, mind and…

from € 938,- per person

Experience the winter on the Tyrolean plateau up close? Quite simply. Whether Nordic active or pure relaxation. You have the choice!


from € 526,- per person

Be active outside and relax inside. Pack your bags, arrive, feel good and enjoy. For meetings in the winter time.

from € 998,- per person

Enjoy family life and discover nature. From the slopes directly into relaxation. These are winter vacations at the Inntalerhof.

from € 1.155 ,- per person

People get together for special occasions, celebrate a milestone birthday, enjoy days together and take time for family and friends.

For you and your loved one

Enjoy precious time for two.

€ 60,-

Enjoy precious time for two.

€ 65,-

Book your very own special to personalize your stay and give your loved ones a surprise!

€ 49,-

Enjoy 7 nights, pay only 6. Experience varied hours in the winter paradise of Mösern near Seefeld. 

from € 660,- per person

The perfect time out to enjoy and pamper yourself in between.

from € 513,- per person

Immerse yourself in the world full of relaxation, and enjoy and recover together.

from € 490,- per person

... an ideal rest and paradise times to recharge your batteries and energy.

from € 925,- per person

Here you will learn all the important techniques on the golf course.

€ 1366,-

Discover the versatility of the different golf courses between a unique mountain scenery.

€ 753,-

The perfect golf break in Mösern near Seefeld.

€ 840,-

For all little golf enthusiasts.

€ 242,-

Experience the perfect golf vacation in Mösern.

€ 507,-