Holiday offer

The perfect time out to enjoy and pamper yourself in between.

from € 513,- per person

People get together for special occasions, celebrate a milestone birthday, enjoy days together and take time for family and friends.

For you and your loved one

Immerse yourself in the world full of relaxation, and enjoy and recover together.

from € 490,- per person

... an ideal rest and paradise times to recharge your batteries and energy.

from € 925,- per person

Here you will learn all the important techniques on the golf course.

from € 1.366,- per person

Discover the versatility of the different golf courses between a unique mountain scenery.

from € 753,- per person

The perfect golf break in Mösern near Seefeld.

from € 840,- per person

For all little golf enthusiasts.

from € 242,- per kid

Experience the perfect golf vacation in Mösern.

from € 507,- per person

with tennis teacher and instructor Philipp Lener

from € 784,- per person

The vacation offer for the whole family. Enjoy quality time with the best view!

from € 882,- per person

Short vacation, great happiness. Take time for the important things!


from € 1.464,- per 2 adults + 2 Kids under 12

Let us pamper you and enjoy a break from everyday life above the Inn Valley!

from € 516,- per person

After all, the world is most beautiful when you're on two wheels. Discover nature with your bike.

from € 616,- per person

Improve your skill with the racket during your Inntalerhof vacation.

from € 55,- per person

Tennis camp for children during the summer vacations.

from € 784,- per person

Book your very own special to personalize your stay and give your loved ones a surprise!

€ 49,- per person

Enjoy precious time for two.

€ 65,- per person

Enjoy your romantic time.

€ 60,- per person